How to replace the damaged needle in tagstar taggun - step-1

How to change damaged tag gun needle?

Tag gun needle may get damaged due to mishandling of tag gun by the user. For example, dropping the tag gun, leaving the tag gun without needle cap, using the tag gun to tag more or thicker fabrics, tilting the tag gun roughly during use can cause needle damage, keeping the gun without needle cap may damage the needle. If the damaged needle is not replaced, it can cause excessive damage to fabric, tag pin and tag gun.

How to replace the damaged needle in tagstar taggun - step-2

STEP - 1

Rotate the (a) needle  locker to the opposite direction making it parallel to the needle. 

(b) Pull the needle out.
How to replace the damaged needle in tagstar taggun - step-3

STEP - 2

Keeping the needle locker in the same position, insert the new needle in the same slot, ensuring the slot on the needle matches the slot on the Tag Gun body. 
How to replace the damaged needle in tagstar taggun - step-4

STEP - 3

Rotate back the needle locker into the original position.


Jamming the Tag gun happens due to the following reasons:-

  • Dust in the tag pin movement area.
  • Mishandling by the user like ,
    • Using unsuitable tag pins in the tag gun.
    • Using damaged tag pin strip in the tag gun.
    • Using extra pressure or inadequate pressure for tagging.
  • Damaged Needle

This issue can be resolved in the way mentioned below:-

  1. Remove the needle from the tag gun 
  2. Remove un-used tag pins 
  3. Now check the needle for any broken piece of tag pin stuck inside it and remove the same.
  4. Check the tag gun needle, slot area for any broken tag pin piece and remove the same.
  5. Refix the Tag gun needle & enjoy the tagging
    (Please not, if the above steps still do not help resolve your problem, contact with our nearest tag gun dealer to have the gun serviced. In India, you can contact with us directly to resolve tag gun issue for this brand of tagging and labeling guns)